"Volunteers are not paid because they are worthless, they are not paid because they are priceless"

In an effort to promote Parent Volunteerism, the Melwood PTA has established a Parent Volunteer System with the goal of accomplishing 500 parent volunteer hours this school year. We would like to document 1 parent volunteer hour for every child enrolled at the school. The Parent Volunteer System encourages parents to volunteer by granting volunteer points per volunteer opportunity. We celebrate our volunteers support by hosting a Volunteer Day Program at the school ending with a free Shopping Spree Event for the kids.

To sign up and volunteer, go to www.school-volunteer.org/melwood

Volunteer Point System

How it Works

Every person that volunteers at the school for at least 1 hour earns 1 volunteer point. When you volunteer you will receive a Volunteer Ticket. Each Volunteer Ticket is worth 1 volunteer point. This Volunteer Ticket is your child's admission into the Shopping Spree.

Volunteer Day is free to attend. You only need to donate 1 of your volunteer points to your child in order for them to qualify for the Shopping Spree Event. All volunteer tickets must be signed by a school staff member, PTA Board Member or PTA Committee Chairperson confirming your participation in the event or opportunity you volunteered for in order to get your point. Volunteer tickets can be emailed to the PTA at melwoodptaedu@gmail.com or you can turn them in at the monthly meeting. Volunteering is another way to show our children we love them and care about their academic success.

To volunteer in Prince Georges County Public Schools you must get a commercial background check. In some cases, fingerprinting may be required. Please click here for more information.

M.O.C.'s, D.O.C.'s, G-M.O.C,'s, and G-D.O.C.'s

What is a M.O.C. D.O.C, G-M.O.C. and G-D.O.C.?


M.O.C. - Moms on Campus.D.O.C. - Dads on Campus.

G-M.O.C. - Grand Moms on Campus

G-D.O.C. - Grand Dads on Campus

The M.O.C., D.O.C., G-M.O.C. and G-D.O.C. system is another way to visually show our children and grandchildren we love them by noticeable volunteering at their school. Every time a mom, dad, legal guardian, or grandparent volunteer at the school, we ask them to proudly wear their M.O.C., D.O.C., G-M.O.C. or G-D.O.C. shirt.


Parents come to the school for a lot of different reasons. We've adopted this system so that the parent, legal guardian, and grandparent volunteers can be immediately recognized and distinguished from the parents that are there for other reasons i.e. drop off, pick up, classroom observation, parent/teacher conferences, etc. It is very important that our children "see" us volunteering. Volunteering is a virtue that teaches children a value system that extends from generation to generation.