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Two critical bills for the future of our state were introduced in our state capital. Our elected leaders are deciding whether our kids will have the future they deserve. The legislation (HB1300/SB1000) provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve our schools and make them stronger for our families, our teachers, our workers, and our communities.

With the #blueprint4MD, we will make important changes to our public schools. We’re going to add career and technical education to create career paths for all students; we’ll pay teachers what they deserve; and, we’ll give all communities the resources they need to succeed.

Click the link below, or go to ActionNowMD to let our lawmakers know that Strong Schools Work for all of us! #blueprint4MD

Let's ensure legislators know we want strong schools for Maryland children, because OUR KIDS CAN'T WAIT.

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Teachers Appreciation Week

To the Practitioners, on behalf of the Melwood parents and scholars, we appreciate you for all that you do! Have a great week!

Covid-19 Update

Greetings Melwood Families,

As we go through this difficult time, your PTA will continue to forward information /resources that maybe helpful to you and your family members.

If you are in need of food resources or know someone in need of food resources, please visit the Capitol Area Food Bank Website to find a food pantry or distribution site nearby.

You will find addition information and resources in the Community Connections Newsletter from County Executive Alsobooks

Let's continue to support each other and Stay Safe!

State Education Funding Bill meeting March 10, 2020

#ANCCOMMUNITYCONNECT Advisory Neighborhood Community (ANC) News You Can Use from Council Member At-Large Mel Franklin


Amendments Being Made to the Historic Kirwan Commission State Education Funding Bill

From the publication Maryland Matters: An education reform bill is on a fast-track to passage in the House of Delegates after key subcommittees voted Tuesday in favor of an amended bill ― which slashes county spending obligations.


Their most significant change is an adjustment to proposed education funding formulas that would dramatically reduce the local funding obligations for Baltimore City and Prince George’s County, two jurisdictions that would have been hardest hit by modifications to Maryland’s education funding formula proposed by the Kirwan Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education. Fifteen other counties also would see a reduction in their obligations as a result of the formula changes. Overall, county education spending in the 2030 fiscal year would increase over current levels by about $859.5 million, compared to an earlier calculation of $1.3 billion.

State funding for education would increase by about $2.96 billion annually by 2030 under the amended formula. That represents a $369 million annual increase over previous estimates.


Full story:

**Join us next week for a full discussion on this important issue**

The Proposed State Blueprint for Maryland’s Future: The Historic New State Education Funding Proposal and What It Means to You – March 10th ANC Meeting

Event details: Right now, pending before your General Assembly in Annapolis, is the proposed “Blueprint for Maryland’s Future,” a nearly $4 billion proposal for increased annual education funding for public schools statewide, proposed by the Kirwan Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education (House Bill 1300/Senate Bill 1000). Join us for a discussion on March 10th at the Southern Gateway ANC Meeting at Oxon Hill Library and let’s discuss how this proposal might affect you. Will it lead to higher achievement in our schools? Could it result in higher taxes for your family?

Please RSVP here:

What: Southern Gateway Advisory Neighborhood Community (ANC) Meeting “The Biggest School Funding Issue of Our Lifetimes”

When: Tuesday, March 10, 7PM-8:30PM

Where: Oxon Hill Library Auditorium, 6200 Oxon Hill Rd, Oxon Hill, MD 20745

The Kirwan Blueprint for Maryland’s Future proposes to invest nearly $4 billion annually in expanding prekindergarten, higher standard and salaries for teachers, enhanced career-prep and college readiness programs, and more programs and resources for low income students and students with high or specialized needs. Here is a recent poll of Marylanders on this subject:

RSVP here:

The Southern Gateway ANC Area includes the Suitland, Greater Temple Hills, and Greater Oxon Hill-Forest Heights (incl. National Harbor) Areas, but the topic of this meeting is countywide in nature. Join us!

-Mel Franklin, Council Member At-Large

Public source: Office of Council Member At-Large Mel Franklin

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